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  • blueorbit 5:53 pm on May 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    The Ever evolving, and morally confusing, Twitter. 

    Today, the crew was talking where we are, and where we are going, at Blue Orbit.

    I brought up Twitter.

    More and more bots and some of the foulest, misogyny on the planet, extant.

    IF you are going to use Twitter = a few rules.

    One > never allow people to follow your follow > or you will lose control of what is being tweeted on your ‘channel”. Believe me, I have seen some stuff on our channel and just freaked.

    Two > Never ever, ever try and jump anyone, or mass unfollow or follow > if your “algorithim” is off balance, Twitter will put you in “jail”.

    You won’t be able to post anything.

    Three > Have ONE person carrying the line and use a back end mgr > like sproutsocial.

    Four > Once you start, it is hard to stop. It’s a hungry lion and always wants to be fed.

    Five > BOTS > invariably people use these strange sites where they post a few letters or numbers each day. They have hundreds, even thousands of followers. I wonder why > but I BLOCK them, and flag them.

    Six > Have fun.

  • blueorbit 4:21 pm on May 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Bad tippers, beware: You could be outed – 

    Thanks to the power of the Internet, bad tippers may no longer be able to get away with leaving stingy gratuities.

    Frustrated by some of the tips he’s received, Brooklyn designer and developer Larry Fox, who works as a restaurant delivery person as a side job, has created the blog 15 Percent to record the worst tipping offenses he and others have seen.

    via Bad tippers, beware: You could be outed – The Globe and Mail.

  • blueorbit 3:23 pm on May 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Bin lden, Newsie.,   

    I Dunno – but 65 years to the day, Bin Laden dies > Hitler, was May 1st, 1945.
    Now, onto reality.

    The reason I bring up the creep is how Social Media tracked down and resported the story > way ahead of the Networks.

    Mashable had a live feed ready.

    This is a new era. We will be rolling out new offerings on new platforms > all based on the smartphone.

    The Times, they are a changing, and the Osama Story is proof.

  • blueorbit 8:03 pm on May 1, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Getting the word that Bin Laden was dead really is a History changer. This is a tremendous achiement – winning over hate > we are awaiting an address from POTUS > 8:17 PM > PDT >
    BZ to the team that got this enemy of loving people everywhere!

  • blueorbit 4:51 pm on April 30, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Customer Service.

    You hear the phrase all the time.

    Lots of lip service > and not much else.

    Good example > Post Offices > Pharmacies and Food Stores.

    You woud think they would have an army of people happy to take your money.

    Nope. The Company thinks spending on trained staff is unacceptable, because it cuts into the bosses Yacht insurance payment.

    This kind of thinking will sink 8/10 companies working today.

    The people that care about their clients will always be in business and do alright.

    No lip service, please.

    Go above and beyond and never over promise.

    One over promise and under deliver and you are done.

    Do a great job and your client will be your best sales team!

  • blueorbit 4:54 pm on April 29, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Today we had a great session with Helen Stepchuk from @cumarketing > *on #Twitter > or visionary friend, is a fascinating, and brilliant leader > thanks, Helen > we all learned a lot.
    Twitter, Blogs, Facebook > it’s all part of building a brand!

  • blueorbit 7:16 pm on April 27, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    The culture of “cool” seems alive and well.

    Now it’s “what kind of phone do YOU have ? , for a lot of people.

    Sorry – but, I find it ridiculous that people walk, and TEXT, and walk across streets here in Vancouver. (*More dangerous than the Indy 500 – trust me – #Bangkok is low key compared to Vancouver).

    The magic of technology can take over your LIFE, my dear besotted blog dawg > Oh yeah, we know you are here.

    I had to be slapped in a safe room to stay away from Twitter.

    Chelsea, our Social Media ace ( lucky us) told me basically > #fail on Twitter.

    There are pitfalls.

    You can get bogged down.

    This is not like, roll it out and sit back > it is an all out assault.

    Oh, and did I mention that “working at home” sounds glamourous – 24/7 > it is amazing.

    The coffee bills are getting higher.

    OK > one more time > Have a plan with social media.

    Stick to plan.

    Did I mention, you need a plan>?

    Ask, Chelsea, she’ll tell you.

  • blueorbit 7:51 pm on April 26, 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , GoogleRIM, Smartpones, Usability   

    Well – now the cat is among the pigeons around Blue Orbit.

    Our new website is being tweaked (*take a peek, oh critical friend) –

    It is also a time of “let’s try all kinds of phones”, here at the offices in Gastown.

    The ace on our staff, Chelsea, has a BlackBerry – Two of us have Iphone 4’s – and now we have Jared has an Android and this is a new BlackBerry Bold.

    Ok, I will be honest – I have become an ardent Apple freak. (*Chelsea is sick of my ranting, but she is polite and turns ip the earbuds on “Hey, Soul Sister” – while I rave about the Iphone.)

    Then I picked up this new Blackberry.

    OK> A couple of things – if you SUCK as a typist, like old hunt and peck here, they have a touch screen and a mini’ish Blackberry qwerty board.


    Connectivity to 3G = fine + even got bars in parking lots.

    Wi-fi – as slow as a Politician on Glue.

    The design and slip up screen = OK, Camera – #Fail – think the 3.0 whatever megapixel is a downggrade from the killer Iphone.

    The size, with sliding screen > Cool. Like it. Mini USP connection.

    App store – #Fail.

    Has less apps than I have brain cells.

    All in all – in the Blue Orbit “Does this phone SUCK or Rock” Category – this Blackberry gets a 4.2 out of a possible 6.

    We use six – because 5 and 10 are boring and over used.

    Sort of like Kirstie Alley’s shtick.

    TOm “The Phantom” Phone Phreak.

  • blueorbit 12:45 pm on April 26, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Geolary Shows How Your Salary Lives Up to Your Neighbours’ 

    We’ve all heard the saying “Keeping up with the Jones’”. Well, now with a new iPhone app called Geolary, you can see if you’re even financially able to compete with your neighbours in the race to flaunt the latest and greatest.

    This new app, Geolary, gives you a pretty sound idea of where your income level compares to others in your neighbourhood – or in other locations you might be consider moving to. Wait… what??, you ask? How is that possible? Well, the app asks you for your own salary and then compares it based on location to other salary data, letting you know where you stand in comparison. So you can soon find out why your neighbour just drove home in a shiny, new Mercedes while you’re buffing out scratches on your Corolla.

    Geloary requires location data to work, and will localize your income based on your country’s currency, automatically. Once you’ve picked a location to search, the app tells you the lowest and average salary in the area. It also delivers the gap between your salary and the salaries of others.

    The app is useful if you’re in the job market and want to know what you’d need to earn to maintain your income at a level that the rest of those in the area you are searching are at. Nothing like a little bargaining power.

    via: The Next Web

  • blueorbit 12:01 pm on April 26, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    How Are Mac and PC People Different? 

    If you’re using a laptop or a desktop, you’re either on a Mac or a PC — and according to researchers at Hunch, the users behind the platforms are just as different from each other as the operating systems are. From a collection data from 700,000 visitors to their website, Hunch details the correlations between users of Macs or PCs and their demographics and personalities, as well as their tastes in food, fashion and media. Do these stats match with you and your chosen computing platform?

    The core demographics of Mac users versus PC users reflect as follows: PC people are 22% more likely than Mac people to be ages 35-49, whereas Mac people are 22% more likely than PC people to be ages 18-34. PC people are 18% more likely to live in the suburbs and 21% more likely to live in a rural area; 52% of Mac people live in a city. Where 54% of PC people have completed a college degree or higher, the same can be said for 67% of Mac users.

    Mac people are more likely to want to be perceived as unique, or different than others – making their own mark – as opposed to PC people who show to prefer fitting in with others. Mac people like to throw parties much more frequently than their PC counterparts. PC people are 33% more likely than Mac people to say that two random people are more different than alike; Mac people are 22% more likely than PC people to say that two random people are more alike than different. When it comes to aptitude, PC people are 38% more likely than Mac people to say they are more mathematically inclined, whereas Mac people are 12% more likely than PC people to have stronger verbal skills.

    With fashion, taste and aesthetics, PC people more prefer impressionist art and Mac people lean toward modern art. PC people identify their style as being casual, and Mac people identify their style as being designer/chic/upscale and unique/retro. If having to choose between riding a Harley or a Vespa, PC users would choose the Harley, and Mac people choose the Vespa.

    With food and drink preferences, it was interesting to note that Mac people are 80% more likely than PC people to be vegetarian. Specific food and drinks preferences tend to be a bit more mainstream for PC people and fairly diverse/intricate for Mac people.

    43% of Mac people consider themselves early adopters, and PC people are 36% more likely than Mac people to be later adopters. In correlation to this data, PC people are 43% more likely to say talking about computers is akin to “struggling with a foreign language”, and Mac people are 21% more likely than PC people to consider themselves computer-savvy-gearheads.

    Data for media preferences highlights that 42% of PC people would opt for the New York Times over USA Today, whereas 69% of Mac people would opt for The Times. Mac people consider The Office the funniest TV show, and PC people are split between The Office and South Park. As for film choice, Mac people are 95% more likely to prefer indie films, and PC people are 74% more likely than Mac people to prefer Hollywood films.

    So there you have it. Do you agree with this data, or does it do little to paint a picture of the individual you are?

    To view the full infographic, and the data collected, feel free to visit:

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