The Power is your hands

Facebook like buttons are now everywhere on the Web—on products, status messages, and blog posts like this one. It’ so easy to like things—just one click—that people do it all the time. But what about when you are walking along the street and you see something in a window that you really like, or in a magazine, or a product you are holding in your hands?

Up until now, you’d have to keep those feelings of mild approval to yourself, or resort to a Tweet. But soon, you may be able to actually like those things on Facebook as you run across them in the real world by scanning a mobile QR code—those 2D bar codes that look like television snow. A new service called Likify, created by Belgian company Boondoggle Lifelabs, just launched that allows marketers to add QR codes to products and signs, and then link those QR codes to a Facebook like button. So that when someone comes along and scans the QR code with their cell phone, it triggers a Facebook “like.” Nike Belgium is using the codes in Belgium in a campaign to promote their shoes by getting people to “like” different crazy-shaped jogging routes.