Paperlinks gives digital twist to real life

QR codes are popping up everywhere. Although there are plenty of apps available to help you read them, there’s now a service to help you create and manage them, with the release of’s app Paperlinks for iPhone and iPod touch., which is still in private-beta testing, will eventually allow users to create their own multimedia sites accessible through a QR code. Additionally, Paperlinks works in conjunction with sister site Through Paperspring, Paperlinks adds a digital twist to tangible paper products. When ordering cards or invitations through the company, users can select to have Paperlinks enabled. This prints a QR code on the back of your invitation (a web site is also provided for those without access to a QR code reader). Upon scanning the code, recipients will be taken to an event-specific Paperlinks landing page that can host additional information, such as extra photos, videos, maps, event details or even an RSVP form.