QR codes: The future of mobile media

If you aren’t mobile-focused, you’re going to be left behind. If you want a clutter-busting idea, then implement a QR Code campaign. I can’t stress enough, though, that you must add value to the user-experience of your brand. QR Codes allow you to give your prospective or current customer vital information, in the palm of their hand, when they need it the most. Memeburn recently spoke to Philip Warbasse, head of Warbasse Design, a US-based company that specialises in 2D marketing campaigns. They are responsible for a True Blood QR Code TV advert, as well as QR Code marketing for movies such as Indiana Jones and Ironman 2.

Interestingly, they also own PLUSH Mobile Servers. PLUSH MS is an intelligent mobile server solution that provides an organised approach to storing and serving mobile collateral and content.