So are QR codes here to stay?

Here at Blue Orbit , we have been looking at the explosion of QR and MS Tags and other barcodes and we have determined that we believe QR in particular can provide brand interaction and also quantification – something most marketers have always dreamed of.

My background is Radio and TV and my Partner, carries many decades in all media disciplines, and we have found that QR code could just provide the first step in true quantification and scalability – available to any size enterprise.

I will do our best to get the stories that illuminate trends in Media and in particular QR and the evolution of cross media platforms.

Exciting times.

Make no mistake. There has been a sea change. We believe the era of 300 people in 10 thousand square feet and then having the client pay for the above line costs is O V E R. 

Blue Orbit believes in putting money BACK into the clients brand and media efforts.

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** We would love to meet new allies from around the world, and believe in COOP business model. 

** Our ethos is: Generous, modest, and cutting edge.

** Our team has accumulated a zillion dog years in the Media trenches, and we have a cross demo team that understands the zeitgeist of Web 3.0, and beyond.