11 iPhone QR Code Readers Tested

11 iPhone QR Code Readers Tested

I’m a fan of 2D barcodes and of course I wanted to have a decoder for them on my iPhone. The appstore has a nice selection of tools available. But which to use? I downloaded all free ones I could find (and one payed one) and tried to test them.
To be honest, these tools have a really hard job because the camera on the iPhone sucks (unless you own the brand new 3GS model). For testing the recognition skills I let them decode two codes in three different sizes. I used one very simple codeand one very complex one (the more data is encoded the more complex the codegets). I gave one point for each code that was easily recognized by the tool. So there were 6 points to reach. If I managed to get a code recognized after several careful tries, I assigned 0.5 points. None of the tools was able to recognize the blurry mess the iPhone cam made from the small versions of the codes, so the highest score reached was 4.