High-speed internet not just for smart phones | The Jakarta Post

Imagine the world is as wonderful as Louis Armstrong’s evergreen song, with everything under the skies of blue at our finger tips, anywhere and anytime, provided the Internet is available.

That is now possible thanks to the convergence of information technologies, integrating telephony, data and video services into what is called a smart phone.

Convergence of media offer solutions to everything we need, and perhaps more than what we expect, as is the case in many parts of the world where high-speed and uninterrupted Internet services are available.

Parents no longer worry about what their children are doing at home while they are on the go thanks to a remote control that allows them to monitor and communicate face to face, albeit virtually, with their beloved ones.

They can even switch off  air conditioners, computer or lamps after having left home.

People may still be afraid of leaving sick parents at home, but Internet-based devices will allow the elderly or disabled to receive immediate assistance thanks to chips embedded into their clothing that automatically send vital information such as increasing blood pressure to an emergency service station.

via High-speed internet not just for smart phones | The Jakarta Post.