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Digital media, often blamed for cannibalizing the newspaper industry’s bread-and-butter business, is finally being put to work for the broadsheet.

Reeling from plummeting advertising revenue and circulation losses, newspapers are capitalizing on media convergence and learning to leverage social media, mobile devices and location-based services, says Doug Franklin, executive vice president of Cox Media Group.

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Speaking at a recent “Business for Breakfast” meeting sponsored by The Goizueta Partners Society, an alumni group of Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, Franklin argues that traditional journalists must position themselves as a value-added, lending a credible, analytical voice to cut through the digital noise.

“The mobile side of the business and the social media side of the business are still the Wild, Wild West, much like the dotcom boom of the nineties,” he asserts.

To engage readers and remain relevant, Cox newspapers have embraced Twitter, recognizing it as the news source for the under-25 set, Franklin continues.

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