iPad To Scan QR Codes

iPad is the new in-thing these days. Everywhere you turn, every paper you buy, every website you visit…they’re talking about iPad and the many wonders of the device. In fact, we know quite a few people who are literally waiting for iPad to hit the stores and they’re ready to break their bank accounts if that was what it took.

It was a little bit of a surprise that iPad does not come with its very own QR Code scanner considering the fact that it is a mobile pocket computer. But that’s changed.

Socket Mobile has been providing many different types of mobile devices for the market and today, it has been announced the company has released a cordless scanner for QR Codes made specifically for iPad. QR Codes are ‘Quick Response’ codes which are sometimes referred to as 2D barcodes. We do not know the details and the price of the device but it has been said that the scanner is lightweight which can be easily carried around together with iPad.

It is more and more apparent that we need a device like this, especially for those who are in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. There was news that come May 16, QR Codes will be used as an effort to combat fake drugs that regularly hit the market. Consumers need to know that the drugs that they purchase off the drugstore are the ‘real thing’. This has significant impact on our health and state of a country’ economy, hence, tracking and validating the drug is seen as crucial.

Although it’s only at its infant stage right now, the pharmaceutical industry is definitely going to be making use of QR Codes more. For example, the QR Code can be used to scan medication prescription. It can also help healthcare practitioners identify the patient and load up medical history. On top of that, it can universally track types of medication and medical records in cases of emergency.

In itself, iPad is already a revolutionary product that kept people talking from the moment news were released. Socket Mobile’s 7XRx QR Code scanner is going to change the whole game for this industry. At the launch, the makers of the iPad QR Code scanner is offering discounts to early birds, hoping to launch it upon passing its beta testing stages. However, the products is only, currently, available to people residing in the United States.

But worry not, if it works out, it will be available in your country in no time. As with anything else, it’s often hard to keep something away from the hungry consumers when it is deemed technologically useful.