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QR codes are especially useful in online marketing campaigns that tie in mobile campaigns too. QR Codes were developed by Denso (Toyota’s parts supplier arm) in 1994. “QR” stands for “quick response”. The codes have enormous potential for online marketing campaigns. While they are widely used in Japan, they have only recently become more widespread in the US.

The QR codes can be read by mobile phones that have barcode scanning applications installed. Both iPhone and Android phones have multiple apps for reading these kinds of codes. Once the mobile app is open, it scans the codes and then it can do several things. It could bring you to a web page with more information, or it could bring you to a donation page. It could send a text or call a number.

This article is focused on QR codes and how they might be used for non-profits that own property. “Property” could be conservation land, a boat, a building…any place that has a story to tell. Instead of building and maintaining signs or plaques on a property, small QR code signs can be made less intrusive and they are much more aesthetically pleasing. Even though this shifts the burden of owning the mobile reader application to the visitors, smart phone use is so prevalent now and mobile phone ownership grows greater each year. It saves the organizations money (smaller, more durable signs) and also allows them to provide a much greater depth of experience at their properties.

One way that QR codes can immediately be used by non-profits are to send visitors to webpages with more info, park maps, or interactive video or audio. This option previously required hardwired equipment at the site, or large signs that took away from the natural surroundings. Both are either very costly to install and maintain. QR codes can be printed on small metal signs that are cheap to manufacture and easy to replace. They can make the experience very interactive for those that care to experience it that way. For the other visitors, the mobile-focused QR codes can be ignored.

Another way that non-profits can benefit from QR codes is to send the visitor to a donation page. All of the information can be included in the URL. All the user has to do is sign in and set the donation amount, then hit submit. If there is a common donation amount, the amount can be included too.

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