B2B Firm Pushes Facebook Page With QR Codes | ClickZ

Doyenz is testing QR codes to target IT professionals at four trade conferences taking place around the country this week. Most interestingly, the software services company is employing Likify’s open source platform at the CloudExpo event in Santa Clara, CA, and the Chartec Unherd of Conference in Orlando, FL. Via the Likify system, the thousands of attendees will be encouraged to scan a code to become a Doyenz “Liker” on Facebook with a couple of mobile clicks.

Adriana Dunn, content strategist for Doyenz, said the effort represents her Bellevue, WA-based firm’s newfound dedication to increasing its Facebook presence. The company – which has 20 employees – launched its Facebook brand page in late July, and has built up a modest audience of nearly 100 “Likers.” It also launched a Twitter, Flickr, and bit.ly account.

“We’ve really hit a plateau and want to up our numbers on Facebook and Twitter this week,” Dunn said. “We put our Facebook page URL on the [print] materials as well for people who are not familiar with QR codes.” In terms of the materials, she was referring to postcards and other print pieces with the Likify code that are being circulated at CloudExpo (Nov. 1-4) and Chartec Unherd of Conference (Nov. 4). The print pieces feature the copy, “We Dare You To Decode.” Dunn said the Likify codes – as well as QR codes in general – work for iPhones, BlackBerrys, and other smart phones, while requiring downloads of the correct app from sites like Scanlife.com. That website is mentioned prominently in marketing materials targeting the IT niche of managed service providers, she said.

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