DIY 3d camera / viewer with an iPhone

Make a quality 3d (stereo gram) camera and viewer out of the iPhone, using a great free app that just came out.

You take two pictures of the same subject. For the second picture, you shift the camera a little to the right (2-3 inches, or about the distance between your eyes).

The two images are then mounted side-by-side next to each other. Using a special viewer, or uncrossing your eyes (what’s called “free viewing”) you can focus one eye on each image and your brain merges them as a 3D image.

This simple instructable is to create a cardboard viewer, to make viewing easier.

If you just want to view stereo pictures created by others (or by yourself using a computer), you can create this type of viewer with any smart phone, iPod touch, or other device which has a large screen. The iPhone is particularly good b/c of the screen size and resolution (also b/c it’s a camera).

Here is the home page for the iPhone / iPod app:

And here is direct link to download on iTunes:

Stereomaker – iPhone app on App Store

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