Interpret QR Codes with TwittQR | Going Cellular

If you’ve looked for a good QR code reader app lately, you’ve probably found the same thing I have—there are a lot of them out there, but the ones that are either free or cheap have crappy reviews while the well reviewed ones cost. Even at just $1.99, when you buy a lot of apps, that adds up. Reviews can be helpful when trying to determine which product to buy or use. Heck, we depend on location-based reviews right here at Going Cellular. But they can also be subjective, which you must bear in mind when reading them. Everyone’s experience is different, based on myriad variables, so even when you select something with good reviews, you’re taking a gamble. Rather than spending the money to try out several QR code reader apps to see which one you like, why not just skip the app altogether and have the QR codes you run across interpreted via Twitter?

via Interpret QR Codes with TwittQR | Going Cellular.