Battle of the Barcode Scanners: eBay vs. Amazon

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Occipital‘s Red Laser was one of the first iPhone applications to become popular with barcode scanning early adopters, which led to its acquisition by eBay in June of this year. At the time of purchase, it had already been download over two million times. The app allows customers to use their phone to scan barcodes of products on store shelves in order to receive price comparisons from a database of merchants.

But eBay wasn’t just after the app – Occipital had also licensed its technology to a network of then some 70 or so companies. In June, is was unclear how the eBay acquisition would affect these licensing agreements. But today, eBay makes that more clear: its now updating its RedLaser SDK (software development kit – the tools third-party developers use to build on top of Red Laser’s technology). The new SDK is now in the hands of 100 third-party developers including household name The updated SDK will include support for VIN barcode scanning, Code 128 for gift card scanning and Code 39 for encoding uppercase letters A through Z, digits 0 through 9 and other special characters.

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