Coca Cola – Brand Extraordinaire

In business, there will always be competition. And to succeed in a tough economy, a business needs more than just a great product or service – it needs a great brand.

Branding identifies and distinguishes a company within an industry. How often do you hear adhesive notes called “Post-its” and facial tissues “Kleenex?” These companies have branded their products so well they don’t just compete with other products – they define their industries.

Trudy Dunson, a professor of marketing and management at Gwinnett Technical College names The Coca-Cola Company as one of the masters of branding.

“The Coca-Cola ribbon is one of the most recognizable logos in the world,” said Dunson. “Coke is It and It’s the Real Thing are two of the most recognizable tag lines. Coke’s message has always been clear and consistent regardless of what audience they may be trying to reach. The message of Coke is carried out throughout all forms of media.”

For The Coca-Cola Company, consistency has been key for branding, but for some companies, shifting their brand depending on market factors has been necessary.

via Gwinnett Business Journal.