QR code augmented storage

My wife and I just moved appartments. It never really hit us until then, but we have a TON of stuff ! After we moved in, we realized we didn’t have much room to store stuff in and when I’d need something, I’d often have to distract her from her drawing (she’s an illustrator ) to ask where stuff is.

But these days are over ! Thanks to a very very wide dance around a concept lifted from Cory Doctorow’s novel Makers (free as in beer as per usual with this fine man), I decided to try and come up with a convenient way to know where stuff is in our appartment : a QR code augmented storage system. The concept : you catalog all you store in a box or boxes into spreadsheets, either on your computer or « in the cloud » as they say, and access it through your computer or one of these newfangled “smartphones” : QR codes printed to point your smartphone or computer to the URL of the relevant spreadsheet allows you to quickly browse through your boxes to either look up what’s in them or update them.

Interested ? Then let’s move straight on to the requirements page !

[05/04/10] Thanks to Mr.Incredible for his comments – they made me realize I should have added a picture of my own setup and more explanations regarding the “multiple sheets in one spreadsheet” option !

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