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With the exponential rise in mobile internet access there is no doubt in my mind that 2D codes (also known as Quick Response, or QR Codes) will become a trusty tool for “tagging” real-world objects with virtual information.

Stickybits is an innovative example of how to add digital content to real world objects. However, I’m not a big fan of proprietary apps and coding. For instance, Cell C recently launched the Bee-Tag powered PhotoCode in South Africa, while Microsoft is trying to push their “creatively” named Tag system too.

All of these competing standards, apps and readers are prohibitive to the mass uptake of this technology. It confuses and frustrates consumers. This is why I’m betting on the more open QR Code standard to become the benchmark. The majority of downloadable readers will scan QR Codes, no matter whether you’re using an iPhone, Nokia, Android or any other smartphone. I use UpCode on my phone.

It’s one thing getting it to work, but quite another to use it effectively. There have been some pathetic attempts at using QR. Take, for example, the bank that put a QR Code in a newspaper advert. Firstly, the QR Code pointed not to their mobile banking site but to their website which is not optimised for mobile. Secondly, the market is totally wrong.

People who currently know about and use QR Codes are geeks or tech-savvy under-50s (apologies to those over 50, but I’ll then lump you in the geek category… admit it). These people tend to stay away from print newspapers. This ignorant and sterile use of QR Codes in marketing has damaged the concept for creative agencies trying to push clients to use it.

However, critical mass and uptake for this technology is rumoured to round the tipping point in the next two years. In technophilic Japan, QR Codes are already pervasive and innate.


So how do you use QR Codes properly? There are literally thousands of creative uses for QR Codes, but here are some of the best:


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