Doctor’s Office and QR Code

Sitting in the Doc’s office with Tech 2.0 waiting to be seen. The little one is under the weather and Mrs. Tech don’t play that, so I volunteered to take her.

Very rarely do I glance at all the ads on the wall, but this one caught my attention.

The ad had some QR code in it, so being the techie that I am, I snapped a pic, scanned the code, and did a quick blog on my BlackBerry.

The code took me to a mobile website with more information for parents with kids.

There was a YouTube mobile link, and even an article.

Just doing my job to keep you all informed about all the QR Code put there.

Right now, people look at me wierd when they see me pointing my smartphone at a picture on the wall, but before long (a year or so) we all will be walking around scanning codes with our smartphones…we already do everything else with them.