Windows Phone 7 launch — what went wrong? – Computerworld Blogs

Microsoft needed its Windows Phone 7 launch to make as big an impact as possible to give it some momentum in order to catch up to the iPhone and Android phones. It’s now clear that didn’t happen. What went wrong?

Initial reports say that on launch day, Microsoft sold only 40,000 phones. Given that the iPhone 4 had 600,000 pre-orders and Google activates 200,000 Android devices a day, this was an underwhelming launch.

It’s even more underwhelming when you consider the amount of marketing dollars Microsoft has been throwing at Windows Phone 7. Computerworld reports that the company is spending $500 million for TV advertising. That should buy it a lot more than 40,000 phones on launch day.

In addition, supplies of Windows Phone 7 are “tight,” Microsoft says, even though demand isn’t overwhelming.

All in all, this is not a pretty picture. So what went wrong?

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