Ad agency uses QR codes to create smartphone buzz

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A local ad agency is using the latest technology in social media to create some buzz for its clients — and so far, it’s working.

Colleen Cronin at the Nerland Agency says its use in ads of QR, or quick-read, codes is getting people’s attention. The square mosaic patterns resemble a bar code, which a smartphone app can read and direct users to a website — in Nerland’s case, announcing a factory party to promote the Anchorage Museum’s Andy Warhol exhibit.

“It’s also useful because scanning the bar code gives you an entire website, whereas in a print medium you are very limited by space,” Cronin said. “So when thre is space limitations like that, you can put endless amounts of information on the QR code and people have direct access to it.”

QR codes can also be used to link people to phone numbers and video clips.

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