Using the QR Code: It’s high-tech marketing –

A cryptic symbol is popping up in the Monroe area as a high-tech signpost to area tourist attractions.

The Monroe County Convention & Visitor Bureau has begun using a QR Code on posters and flyers that direct smartphones to the tourism-related information.

QR stands for “Quick Response” and consists of a unique two-dimensional configuration of geometric shapes that functions much like a bar code. But it’s specifically geared to refer smartphone users to a Web site when the phone’s built-in camera scans the symbol.

“If have the proper application, you can point your phone at this and it will bring up a Web site. It also can count the number of times that it is scanned by someone with a smart phone.”

“Essentially what this does is take you to a URL on the Internet,” he said.

“I’m making posters out of this and I’m putting it up all around town,” he added.

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