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Most people get a page or two when their phone bill comes in the mail.

Not Wanda Rooney.

Since July, the resident of Ste. Marguerite du Lac Masson has received phone bills the length of short novels.

“I have been getting 20 pages of phone bills every month,” Rooney said.

Rooney says she racked up $47,000 in one week after being instructed by a Bell customer service representative to connect her cellular phone to the new laptop computers her daughters Alexandra Eschwiler, 17 and Victoria Eschweiler, 15, received as a gift.

The laptops would not work with the dial-up Internet service Rooney subscribes to as high-speed Internet lines don’t reach her rural home. So Rooney was told to get a mobile Internet stick, which would plug into the USB ports of the laptops. However, Rooney drove to three Bell stores, only to be told the mobile sticks were sold out. So she called customer service to ask what her next step should be.

“The guy on the line told me: Oh, it’s no problem. Your cellphone has unlimited Internet, so you can just connect your phone to your computer.”

After Rooney asked three times if there would be an extra charge, Alexandra stayed on the phone with a customer service representative for about an hour to figure out how to connect the phone to the computer to get Internet service.

A week later, all of Rooney’s phones were disconnected. She borrowed a phone and called Bell customer service.

“When I spoke to the agent, he told me I had a very high balance,” she said. “He told me $47,000, and then told me I had to agree to pay a minimum payment of $300 for my phones to be reconnected.”

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