– News – Have smartphone, will snap QR codes

GUELPH — You may not have heard of a QR code, but the best bet in the internet technology world is that you will soon be inundated by them. The University of Guelph was among the first users of the technology in the country.

“QR codes are much more popular in other countries,” said Stuart Robertson, U of G’s web manager. “But they are gaining popularity now in North America and Canada.”

Free, convenient and loaded with information sharing potential, the QR coding phenomenon is infiltrating the lives of the hip-techie types in Guelph. And those savvy sorts appear primarily to be young people.

But before these smartphone armed hipsters get too smug, they should know that QR (Quick Response) has been in use in Japan since 1994, where the little box-codes are used on everything from doughnut boxes to tombstones. Yes, tombstones.

“We now have more people in Canada with smartphones,” said Robertson, “and this becomes something that is very convenient for people.”

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