Talking to People, So Over – Jon Orlin *EXCELLENT

We’ve killed a lot of things recently at Techcrunch: the phone call, cable tv, books, the mouse, and many more. Regrettably, I’m ready to kill off another one — talking to people. It’s so inefficient, slow, and old-fashioned. ‘Talk’ about something that been around for at least thousands of years and is ripe for disruption by new technology.

The latest driver in the assault on talk is the recently announced Facebook Messages. The social media leader is creating a way to communicate no matter which format you are using: email, chat, SMS. Notice, they don’t include plans to help you actually talk to people.

Facebook Messages are searchable. Try that with talking. The product also offers a record of everything you communicate. This is so much better than talking. It’s hard to remember what I said yesterday. Forget about 3 years ago.

Email, chat, and SMS are so much faster than talking. Most people are comfortable listening at 150 words per minute. But, we can read at 250 to 300 words per minute. A potential 100% improvement compared to just old talking.

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