Audience loses it over Oprah’s final ‘Favorite Things’ – Yahoo! Canada News

For those who fear the economic downturn has permanently crushed the U.S. consumer’s appetite for consumption – have no fear. The sight of adults crying their eyes out and screaming hysterically over cashmere sweaters and $55 scented candles should reassure you that capitalism is alive and well in the American heartland.

These were the images that greeted viewers of the final edition of Oprah’s ‘Favorite Things.’ The annual frenzy began with Oprah ripping off a decoy dress to reveal a holiday inspired outfit underneath – and it only got more bizarre from there.

While Oprah handed out 3D TVs, five-year memberships to Netflix and diamond watches, her audience, invited for their good deeds, whipped themselves into a delirium that would put the audience at the ancient Colosseum to shame.

via Audience loses it over Oprah’s final ‘Favorite Things’ – Yahoo! Canada News.