Monday Morning Mobile: QR’diGras – How to Use QR Codes | RISMedia

I didn’t really know what to expect from this year’s NAR Expo in the Big Easy. I had never been to New Orleans before, but obviously had heard enough about it to know that we were in for a long weekend!

After getting home to New York and sifting through all the beads to get to the information gathered at the show, one thing was blatantly obvious—QR codes were at the forefront of a lot of conversations and were the focus of the Expo’s Startup Pavilion.

There were QR codes all over the show: on people’s t-shirts, business cards, at their booths (focus of many new companies), in presentations, on printed materials, and countless other places throughout the event. If I had to rank the questions we got at our booth and from our clients who we saw at the Expo, “What’s your opinion on QR codes?” would certainly be in the top three.

The answer to the question was well received and illustrated what surprised me most about all the QR coding at the Expo; it all depends on how they are used.

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