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The freemium mobile app movement is now a full-fledged trend among consumers. For developers, it’s a lucrative one. As I wrote about recently, one-third of the top-grossing iPhone apps are freemium programs that cost nothing to play but make their money primarily through in-app purchases of additional content or functionality.

Remco van den Elzen, co-founder of analytics firm Distimo, said he believes in-app purchases now represent about 30 percent of all iPhone App Store revenue. Juniper Research, meanwhile, predicts that mobile game revenue will hit $11 billion by 2015 and that revenue from in-app purchases in games will eclipse traditional download sales by 2013. And Parks Associates last month reported that one in five gamers spends money on virtual items and microtransactions, which are expected to garner $6 billion in revenue by 2015.

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