Mobile Marketing Technologies to Look for in 2011 – *Hint one is QR Code.

Among the varied marketing trends and strategies that are predicted to dominate in 2011, two are consistently mentioned: a wider use of QR codes and the integration of mobile in the marketing mix. So, what are they and how can marketers use them to drive deeper customer engagement, build richer data sets, and diversify revenue streams?

Quick Response (QR) Codes

QR codes are two-dimensional, square barcodes that can store large amounts of unique data and, when scanned, can launch specific actions. QR codes allow consumers to immediately access coupons, landing pages, product information or other data directly from their mobile devices. Using QR codes, marketers can not only help to eliminate the gap between customer response and the delivery of coupons, product information, special offers, or other marketing follow-up communications, but they can also collect valuable lead data and generate ROI metrics in real time.

via 2 Key Mobile Marketing Technologies to Look for in 2011 | The Direct Marketing Voice.