Is Nexus iPhone’s nemesis? – Telegraph

Google’s new Nexus S is the mobile phone that the search giant – and partner manufacturer Samsung – hopes will allow it to set out a serious challenge to Apple’s iPhone.

iPhone, iPhone 3G and 3GS

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That is, of course, the aspiration of every phone manufacturer on the planet, and Apple’s device has relentlessly raised the bar in its recent evolutions. Above all, the iPhone user experience is effortlessly simple, and the interface clarifies complex tasks. It’s an imperfect handset, but the iPhone, overall, remains the least imperfect package available today.

Google’s rival Android operating system is, according to the man in charge, Andy Rubin, “an enthusiast product for early adopters – or wives of tech enthusiasts”. With 300,000 Android phones activated every day, however, there are clearly a lot of early adopters about.

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