Video-Goggles: Entertainment That’s Really Up Close and Personal

Once upon a time TV and movies were a shared experience. Not any more. Thanks to the magic of circuit miniaturization, entertainment can be as personal as your sunglasses. Literally.

In the face of widespread economic decline and uncertainty, companies such as iMovee and Vuzix are rushing to offer us a new way to put our heads in the sand: video recording and playing eyewear. Here then, an overview of some of the gizmos that lucky nerds will find under the tree this Christmas.

Claiming to be the world’s smallest wearable TV set, Scalar’s Teleglass T4-N ( offers the latest must-have cyborg eyewear – and it only requires one eye.

With a virtual 28-inch screen that projects through a device attached to the accompanying glasses it’s the perfect accessory for Terminator retrospectives, Star Trek conventions or visits to the Delta Quadrant. The company says the Teleglass is “Suitable for Enjoying Movies on an Airplane and a Train,” but somehow we doubt you’ll get past TSA with them. Only available in Japan.

The future isn’t bright enough to make Imovee’s Cineplus video player goggles ( look cool. But look on the bright side: they’re wireless! And compatible with every cell phone that plays video, plus media players such as iPod and Zune. Cineplus’ compatibility with international TV standards means you can be uncool the world over and not miss a single episode of Dancing With the Stars.

via Video-Goggles: Entertainment That’s Really Up Close and Personal – Santa Clara Weekly.