Older web users catching up: Pew report

If grandma surfs Facebook, she’s certainly not alone in her demographic.

Older adults are swiftly closing the generation gap when it comes to internet activity, with more mature populations now surpassing younger crowds in some online habits.

So says the Pew Internet Project‘s Generations 2010 report, which analyzed U.S. web trends broken down by age groups. While adults between ages 18 and 45 make up about 56 per cent of the online population, it was the so-called Older Boomers (ages 56-65) who were more likely than the Millennials (ages 18-33) to do things such as visit government websites or seek financial information online.

The Pew data, released Thursday, showed that 69 per cent of Older Boomers in the U.S. survey had visited government websites, compared with 61 per cent of the younger group. When it came to searching for financial information online, the older group again dominated (41 per cent), with 33 per cent of the Millennials using the web for money matters.

via CBC News – Technology & Science – Older web users catching up: Pew report.