Sports and Social Media: Why the Best Is Yet to Come

Jim DeLorenzo is vice president of Octagon Digital, the standalone digital unit of the world’s largest sports marketing firm, Octagon, Inc., which represents more than 800 athletes worldwide and advises startups focused on the sports industry. He is also the founder of, a Twitter-based news aggregation service focused on the sports vertical.

One of the truly great aspects of sports fandom is that it is inherently social. It’s just no fun cheering by yourself. Fans want to be around other like-minded fans, regardless of whether that occurs at the actual sporting event, at the local sports bar, or during viewing parties held at our homes in front of a TV.

You would think that there would be no shortage of compelling, cutting-edge startups focused on the sports vertical. Unfortunately, you would be wrong. Certainly there are some companies with the right combination of a compelling user experience and robust technology platform, but the unfortunate truth is that the sports startup space is littered with retread concepts that have little chance of succeeding.

Read on for why that is the case, how it might change, and some great examples of websites that are doing it right.

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