Text Message Marketing with QR Codes – Potratz Advertising

Text Message Marketing is a great way for an Automotive Dealership to promote inventory and service to your valued customers. Much like E-Mail Marketing, Text Message Marketing requires customers to opt in before they are given updates from your Dealership. Starting a Text Message Marketing Campaign for your dealership is a bit easier when using a QR Code.

QR Codes can do more for your dealership than just driving traffic to the website. In order for a customer to opt in to joining a Text Message List they first need to text a keyword to a short code. You could put your dealership’s short code and keyword in a print advertisement, or you could plug all of those details directly into a QR Code.

A QR Code can store your dealership’s short code as well as the keyword the customers need to text to join the Text Message List. All of this information is stored in the QR Code and is then loaded into the phone when read with a QR Reader. This makes joining your dealership’s Text Message List that much easier.

via Text Message Marketing with QR Codes – Potratz Advertising – pitchengine.com.