Oprah Winfrey Network won’t air in Canada until it ‘develops’ educational component

Canadians hoping to tune into the Oprah Winfrey Network each day will have to wait for two months after its American debut Jan. 1.

Viva, the Corus Entertainment-owned channel that OWN is replacing March 1, will air Sunday previews starting next month. However, the full-time delay is partly due to the conditions of the license Oprah’s channel will be taking over.

During those weeks, programming on OWN will be monitored to figure out exactly which university correspondence courses it can be tied to.

OWN is required to live up to promises made when Canadian Learning Television was approved by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission in 1996. While the channel was relaunched as Viva after its sale by CTV to Corus in 2008, the programs are required to have an educational purpose, however tenuous they might be.

For example, broadcasts of “The West Wing” on Viva have been presented as part of a University of Alberta course, Introduction to U.S. Politics and Government.

Reruns of other American dramas, like “Judging Amy” and “Medium,” are assigned in a correspondence course from Athabasca University on The Television Age.

via Oprah Winfrey Network won’t air in Canada until it ‘develops’ educational component – Yahoo! News.