I have something on my mind, and so here goes:

Why do people swear so much?

And – why do they swear and worse on #twitter?

The Language is appalling and in many cases homophobic, sexist, misogynistic, and disturbing.

What are people learning in school?

Why have kids latched on to the language of the street gangs of South LA?

Why do so many people think that it is ok to have kids nude on their cellphones and #sexting, or worse.

When did this happen?

I guess I better stick my hand up and admit that I was unaware that women are no longer deferred to, but are referred to as female “dogs”, by a significant part of the male population and even sadder, among other young ladies.

There is a certain singer – her name is Aretha Franklin.

She has given much beauty and grace to this world through her music.

One of her best loved songs is called : “RESPECT”.

Unless we start showing some RESPECT towards one another, we are on a dark and dreary road to nowhere, jack.