Will Apple Build 65 Million iPads in 2011?

Analysts and researchers are coming out with some crazy predictions about iPad shipments in 2011. Today’s outrageous number comes from market analysts at DigiTimes Research predicting Apple will order 65 million iPad screens from its suppliers — LG Display, Samsung and Chimei Innolux — by the end of 2011. DigiTimes Research’s projections are based on its report that iPad screen shipments for November reached 2.7 million — 1.5 million from LG, 1.2 million from Samsung.

But 65 million iPads in 2011 exceeds even DigiTimes’ earlier projection of 45 million to 48 million iPads shipped next year, according to Taiwan-based DigiTimes — a Taiwan-based news site part of the same media group as DigiTimes Research.

via Will Apple Build 65 Million iPads in 2011? – Yahoo! News.