“Perfect Storm” Forming for Cyberattacks in the Next Decade

The first decade of this century has been a significant period for cyber security. Attacks at the network layer by major worms like Nimda and SQL Slammer ushered in the new century while the combination of major incidents like the Heartland Security Breach, which resulted in the compromising of up to 100 million credit cards, and many attacks against social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, closed out the decade. The coming ten years promises to be even more dramatic.

“Over the next ten years, attacks will become much more sophisticated and organized, supported by criminal organizations capitalizing on the latest trends and Internet fads to trick unsuspecting users along with the escalation of cyber warfare as other nations infiltrate our infrastructure to bring about chaos and financial ruin,” said Mandeep Khera, CMO of Cenzic. “With an increased number of new applications using Web 2.0 technologies and a rise in application level vulnerabilities, we have all the conditions of a perfect storm for cyberattacks.”

via “Perfect Storm” Forming for Cyberattacks in the Next Decade.