Are You On Quora? Here Is Why You Need To Be

Don’t worry, I’m not planning to give you a ride through how it was conceived, who the founders are or how much money they raised. So in order to get that out of the way if you’re not familiar with the story, let’s do the quick version in one paragraph…

Quora is a questions and answers site with the social network characteristics, you can follow people and they can follow you back, you can vote on content, etc. It was founded by two ex-Facebookers in ’09 (why is it always 2 guys? can’t they be 3?). Investors dropped a ton of cash on them with the hopes it will turn out to be the next Twitter and more recently, it has been the talk of the town now that it is completely open and spreading like there’s no tomorrow.

An article on AdAge said the application at the moment is mostly inhabited by social media types. I don’t know, I think they are called “early adopters” but whatever.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s move on to what we really care about…

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