Internet hit by wave of Fake PC ‘defrag’ tools –

A spate of scareware apps that trick users into buying useless hard disk repair tools appears to be part of a concerted campaign to push fake ‘defrag’ software, a security company has said.


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The Internet abounds with Windows utilities, usually free, some not very good. Users have an unquenchable appetite for them.

According to a GFI-Sunbelt Security blog, a new type of bogus disk software has suddenly become very common on the back of this, with a clutch of convincing examples appearing in recent weeks.

Users encountering new examples HDDRepair, HDDRescue and HDDPlus should ignore them. They are bogus applications that claim to defragment a user’s hard disk even though such a requirement is barely needed given that Windows does a lot of this work behind the scenes anyway.

The apps will, however, claim that a user’s hard disk is riddled with problems, as will the slightly older examples UltraDefragger, ScanDisk, Defrag Express and WinHDD. Sorting out the non-existent issue can cost anything from $20 and up.

via Internet hit by wave of Fake PC ‘defrag’ tools – CSO Online – Security and Risk.