Apple turns the screws –

The more difficult you make it for someone to do something, the more they will try to do it. Case in point: Apple. The tech behemoth, well known for its “look but don’t modify” stance on its hardware, is using a new type of screw on the iPhone 4. Why? To keep people from opening up the phone and futzing around with it.

The screw, known as the pentalobe, is relatively obscure. And that’s the point. Apple apparently wants to use these unusual screws so people who own the iPhones can’t open them up. Some might argue that this is like selling someone a car and bolting the hood shut so they can’t check the engine.

A blog from Digital Trends explains: “Apple repair technicians are reportedly switching the screws on iPhone 4s that are brought in for service to an Apple Store. And, according to the report, Apple is not informing customers about the screw swap. The practice began last fall and has since become widely adopted.”

For most people, this isn’t a big deal. The screws are really only meant to dissuade adventurous and savvy technical wizards who want to see what makes their iPhones tick. The help forums on Apple are curiously devoid of anything pentalobe-related.

The bottom (base) of in Apple iPhone (original).

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