Despite the government crackdown in Egypt – Word dribbles out.

Despite the government crackdown that included an unprecedented internet and telephone blackout, some Egyptians are finding ways to communicate.

“Some phones are working every now and then here and I can get to some internet websites here, but it is very slow,” said Ahmed Sayed, an Egyptian living in the Nile Delta who was reached by phone.

nile delta

Image by cyanocorax via Flickr

“We have very heavy securities around but only a few clashes took places early in the morning,” he said

A well-known blogger in Cairo, who does not want to be named as he is also a journalist said: “We are currently using proxies to avoid the crackdown on internet. They have been targeting media and particularly foreign media since the morning and we saw even women and children beaten up.”

*Editor- Oil will hit the ceiling if the SUEZ CANAL is closed. This is a disaster for Obama, and this, along with Algeria, Yemen and next Saudi – if Saudi goes – the world will change.

The Egyptian Police have fled. Young Egyptian Soldiers are still loyal to Mubarek but for how long.

Children and women are in terrible danger. Cairo Cops are well known to be corrupt.


via Egyptians Try Get Through Despite the Blackout – Dispatch – WSJ.