NYT paywall dropping next month

Considering the long and recently amped-up rivalry between the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, it seems appropriate that the start date for the Times‘ long-anticipated paywall is being reported today by the Journal rather than the Times itself. The Journal claims that the Times will roll out its subscription plan next month with several tiered options. The most expensive will be $20 per month for a subscription that includes access to the entire site as well as an iPad app, while a second tier for just the web will be less than $10 per month. Subscriptions will only be needed by the heaviest users of the web site, with a certain number of page views allowed for free each month before the paywall is triggered. Of note, the Journal says unlimited views will be allowed for people accessing the site through a third party such as a Google News search, which means it will be possible to circumnavigate the wall. The Journal has charged for online subscriptions for years, though the publication is geared toward more of a business audience. The Times paywall is seen as a major test for newspapers, who want to monetize the readership on their sites more effectively as print circulation and advertising drop.

via Media Life Magazine – The word: NYT paywall dropping next month.