Barnes and Noble CEO claims ebooks will reign supreme in 2 years

In New York city last week at the GigaOM Big Data conference the CEO of Barnes and Noble Marc Parrish made some bold proclamations.  He proclaimed that “The book business is changing more radically now, and quicker, than movies or music or newspapers have, because we’re doing it in a matter of months.” He went on to elaborate, “In the next 24 months is when this business will totally shift.” He basically implied that eBooks will dominate the landscape with his company and with the market in general.

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CEO Marc Parrish did make sold bold statements on how he envisions the overall industry to fall in line with recent Amazon reports, that eBooks are being sold at a 2:1 ratio. He cited a recent report by Codex Forrester and Gartner Research that 30% of all readers now use eBooks as their primary method of reading. Research done in 2009 mentioned that only 900,000 e-readers were sold, IDC reported 14 million were sold in 2010 and in 2011, 18 million are projected to be sold. Those are quite striking numbers and shows how e-readers are slowly being mass marketed the publishing industry is all to happy to be taking the ride.

If you want to look at some figures, we reported last week that The Association of American Publishers claimed over 70 million dollars worth of ebooks sold, up 116% from Janaury 2010 and tangible books went from 104 million to only 80 million in the same period.

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