Toyota, Microsoft to Bring the Cloud to Cars


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The world’s largest automaker and the world’s largest software company are launching a $12 million venture to bring telematics to your Toyota via the cloud.Toyota and Microsoft say they will create a global network based on the Seattle software giant’s Windows Azure cloud-computing platform, and we’ll see it first in the electric and plug-in hybrids the Japanese automaker plans to introduce next year. The firms will work together through Toyota Media Service to create a global, cloud-based telematics system within four years.The system will provide telecommunications and data, including GPS, multimedia and energy management systems for cars with cords. It will connect vehicles to servers around the world, eliminating the need for a lot of hardware and software within the vehicle.The deal, details of which will be announced later Wednesday, comes as many automakers hope to match, if not leapfrog, the success of Ford Sync and General MotorsOnStar. Toyota is the latest to team up with Microsoft, which provided the system underpinning Sync and similar systems offered by Fiat, Hyundai and Kia.

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