Gartner: Android To Power 49% Of Smartphones By 2012

Being a lover of all things Apple, I was personally surprised to read this article on The Next Web regarding the apparent, upcoming saturation of the smartphone market by Android owners. Although I fully support the iPhone, market research firm Gartner forecasts that the Android operating system will power 49% of the world’s smartphones in 2012 as the devices continue to lower in price, making it more appealing to emerging markets as a replacement.

Gartner’s new report suggests smartphones sales will near 500 million units in 2011, a 57.7% increase from 2010, with sales of open OS devices accounting for a quarter of all mobile handset sales during that period. The expected growth of smartphones is expected to rise in conjunction with price reductions from competing manufacturers. The study states that by 2015, two thirds of all open OS devices will have an average selling price of $300 or less – ensuring Android shipment volumes remain high for mid to low-cost smartphones.

For those on Team Apple, its iOS platform is expected to remain the second largest worldwide over the next two years, however, its share is expected to fall during this time. Gartner assumes that Apple will continue to chase margins rather than market share, keeping prices high and limiting adoption in emerging markets. Hmm…