iPhone 5 to start production in September?

If you were hoping to get your hands on a shiny, new iPhone 5 this summer to show off to all your friends, you may have to wait a bit longer than anticipated.

BusinessInsider relays an analyst report from Avian Securities which claims that the iPhone 5 won’t start production until September and that this suggests that next generation iPhone won’t make it to the market until the end of the year or even early next.

The information from Avian is consistent with previous claims that no new iPhone hardware would be coming in June as well as claims that due to part production timelines, the iPhone 5 won’t be shipping until Fiscal 2012 (after September 2011).

So, if you’re adamant about holding off for the iPhone 5, it’s probably not a good idea to toss your current mobile phone just yet – and try to keep it in tip-top shape until then, because Fall is a ways away.

via MacRumors.com