Status Update: @twitterglobalpr ‘We’re now at 155 million Tweets per day!’

Wondering what’s going on with the state of Twitter today? Well, hold your horses, because Twitter’s PR team just released some pretty hefty Tweets highlighting a few first quarter stats on the social media company’s rapid growth. Of them, the biggest is that Twitter saw a 41% increase in tweets per day (and a 38% increase in the U.S.) for the quarter.

Mobile growth on Twitter was also significant. There was a 50% increase in monthly, unique mobile signups, as well a 52% overall increase in regular, monthly Twitter account signups from December to March.

But the biggest single number is live and growing. Twitter is now seeing 155 million tweets a day – up from just 55 million at this time a year ago, says the Twitter PR team. It’s also up from 140 million just a few weeks ago.

So now you know. Twitter’s status is skyrocketing.