Social Media Helps You Position Yourself As An Expert – And Get Press!

As a business owner you may be asking yourself, “Really, is all this social media stuff necessary?” Unless you want to be left behind in your market of expertise, then we think, yes, it is necessary! You wouldn’t be in business if you didn’t think you had the best to offer in your field, and social media lets you take the reigns online (where the world is migrating towards), and actually become the ‘master of your domain’!

What do you get out of it? As an expert in your niche, you get all kinds of special treatment from others that respect you and acknowledge your experience and wisdom in your area of specialty. According to an article on

“As an expert, you can leverage your knowledge to network with the right people and ultimately become an expert source for stories that publications are writing, bringing in tons of inbound PR inquiries. You can get press without having to announce something new at your company, but instead, by sharing your thoughts about a subject you are truly passionate about and have a lot of experience in.”

What’s better than PR inquiries that come to you, as opposed to vice versa? We think that’s a pretty dandy deal – so here are a few ways to participate in social media to make it happen:

1) Write a blog:

Author a blog in your niche, writing highly opinionated thoughts on what’s going on in the industry. If you’re publishing worthwhile thoughts, people will read them and soon enough, they’ll be knocking down your door wanting to hear your expert thoughts in the area.

2) Do speaking engagements:

When you’ve spoken at events, you’re a more credible professional, because rather than being a faceless author behind a blog or a faceless worker behind an email, you’re an intellectual being that stood up in front of a crowd who (mostly) listened to every word you said.

3) Flaunt your stuff:

Use social media sites to talk about the success you’ve had and the things you’re doing. If you’re an expert, let the world know about the big clients you’ve helped; the revenue you’ve made from the contracts you signed; the number of clients you’ve managed, the . If you’ve accomplished anything incredible, that makes you worthy of being called an expert.

4) Write guest posts on influential blogs or social networks within your market:

If you don’t have time to author your own blog – and even if you already write your own blog – publishing some of your work on well-regarded, influential blogs/social media pages can earn you a lot of respect. With high readerships, you’ll put yourself in front of plenty of people who will want to connect with you, asking you to be an expert source for their stories or blog posts.

5) Create a class or webinar series:

Become a teacher for other great minds in the industry, who will at some point be talking to the press about their experiences and if you had a strong enough impact in their careers and professional growth, you can be sure they’ll refer anyone looking for experts in that specific niche to talk to you.