Technology and Emerging Markets: Facebook Account Before Email in Africa

The Next Web just published an interview with Mbwana Alliy – who works with i/o Ventures to help startups think about emerging markets – and he had an interesting fact to share about the impact technology is making in emerging markets like countries in Africa. According to Mbwana, the normal African will probably have a Facebook account before an email address.

This goes to show the popularity the social media network is experiencing globally, as well as the ease of accessibility it creates for people because of its mobile application. Mbwana Alliy states the reason for the rapid growth of Facebook in certain areas throughout Africa is because Facebook allows a person to log in without an email account. Mobile phone users in Africa are logging into the social network onto their devices and connecting with their friends and family across the globe.

The fact that Facebook is making such a dominant presence in emerging markets such as Africa, before traditional forms of E-communication – like email – speaks volumes about the direction communication and commerce is clearly headed: mobile, mobile & mobile!

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