Geolary Shows How Your Salary Lives Up to Your Neighbours’

We’ve all heard the saying “Keeping up with the Jones’”. Well, now with a new iPhone app called Geolary, you can see if you’re even financially able to compete with your neighbours in the race to flaunt the latest and greatest.

This new app, Geolary, gives you a pretty sound idea of where your income level compares to others in your neighbourhood – or in other locations you might be consider moving to. Wait… what??, you ask? How is that possible? Well, the app asks you for your own salary and then compares it based on location to other salary data, letting you know where you stand in comparison. So you can soon find out why your neighbour just drove home in a shiny, new Mercedes while you’re buffing out scratches on your Corolla.

Geloary requires location data to work, and will localize your income based on your country’s currency, automatically. Once you’ve picked a location to search, the app tells you the lowest and average salary in the area. It also delivers the gap between your salary and the salaries of others.

The app is useful if you’re in the job market and want to know what you’d need to earn to maintain your income at a level that the rest of those in the area you are searching are at. Nothing like a little bargaining power.

via: The Next Web